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paraphrase text onlineWhen you paraphrase text you put it into your own phrasing and words while keeping the same meaning. We frequently do this to simplify what others have said or to make it more appropriate for our own audience. We also do it to avoid plagiarism or copying which can be a big issue at all levels of education. Doing sentence rewording correctly is very important if you want to avoid any issues. Explore what advantages the text paraphraser provides.

According to an investigation by the Times newspaper in the UK, there were over 50,000 students disciplined for copying over a three year period at UK universities. Submitting work that is copied can get you in some serious trouble and can even lead to you being removed from your studies for serious or repeat offenses. Poorly paraphrase text can be considered as copying and many schools, colleges, and universities regularly use software to check for it.

Our professional paraphrasing service can help you to avoid plagiarism by ensuring that your rewriting is done accurately and in a unique manner at all times. We have been providing students at all levels in their education with paraphrasing support for more than 5 years and our experts are some of the best qualified and experienced you will find online.

Why Choose Our Paraphrasing Service?

professional text rewritingDocument rewording is a difficult task for most people and many find themselves unintentionally repeating large chunks of the original text or failing to convey the original meaning. Our services, however, are able to provide you with excellent support that you can trust to deliver totally accurate and uniquely worded text every time. Our services offer you:

  • Native speaking rewriters; our experts have the skills required to provide you with text that reads well in perfect English every time.
  • Highly qualified paraphrasing experts; rephrasing requires an understanding of the original text and we ensure this understanding by providing staff that holds postgraduate degrees in the fields in which they work.
  • A quick turnaround on our services; our help can be provided in as little as 24 hours and we always aim to ensure that your work will be delivered on time to you.
  • Fully confidential services; we never share your personal details nor anything around the work that we help you with.
  • Friendly support available 24/7; you will be able to check the progress of your order through our member’s area and also chat to our friendly support staff at any time.
  • Satisfied customers around the world; over the last 5 years we have supported students with their academic writing and rewriting in more than 200 countries.

What Can Our Services Support You With?

As a professional academic writing and editing service, we are able to provide you with a whole range of professional services in addition to being able to rephrase text to a high standard. All of our help is through fully qualified and highly experienced staff and they can help you with all of the following:


best paraphrasing serviceProvide us with text to paraphrase and we will ensure that we give you all of the support that you need to ensure that your rewritten documents will be done perfectly. Our experts understand the areas in which they work which ensures that all rewriting is accurate as well as being totally unique to you. All writing is done according to your needs to make sure that it meets the expectations of your readers.

Academic writing

From assignment writing through to your thesis or dissertation, our writing experts are able to provide you with a full range of writing support to get your work done on time. All writing is always done to your needs from scratch with no copying of any kind. Follow the link and discover the FAQ on the text changer generator issues.


Getting your writing fully up to scratch is very important if you want the best results. Our experts can paraphrase online text for freeprovide you with exactly the help that you need to improve readability with perfect flow and word choices. Our experts provide you with a fully marked up copy of your writing with their suggestions allowing you to fully understand how your writing needs to be improved.


Simple mistakes are avoidable and if left within your writing can have a significant impact on your grades. Our proofreaders are fully certified and able to work through your paper methodically to identify and eliminate all errors.

Formatting services

text to paraphrase onlineWe can help you with all aspects of your formatting from ensuring that your papers are in the correct academic style such as MLA or APA. Our experts can also help you with getting your citations and references spot on when you rephrase text and need to give credit to your own work.

Summarizing services

Unlike a text rephrase which will repeat the full meaning of the original document a summary will only draw out the most important points in a much shorter piece of writing. Our summarizing experts will be able to provide you with unique and well-written summaries that you will be able to use proudly.

Work with the Best to Paraphrase Online Text

Not only so we offer you a full range of academic services through some of therephrase text online best writers and editors that you will find online, we also offer you a full range of professional support to ensure that our services will fully satisfy you. Through us you will always benefit from:

  • Free proofreading on all services to eliminate any possible errors
  • Free plagiarism report to confirm that your rewritten text is unique
  • Additional research and formatting on all services
  • Very affordable pricing and discounts on repeat orders
  • Unlimited revisions on all services
  • Guaranteed satisfaction or your money back

Our aim is always your full satisfaction with all of the services that we provide. Our dedicated staff works with you through all services to ensure that you are always happy with the help that we provide. After all, we want you to keep coming back to us for all of your future academic writing and rewriting needs.

To ensure that your rewriting is done accurately and to the highest of standards contact our professional and affordable service to paraphrase text online.