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best text changerKriss Jami said, “When you have a wit of your own, it’s a pleasure to credit other people for theirs.” Crediting people is the sign of a good wit – the sign that you are confident in your own writing and comfortable telling when you’ve used other people’s work and how. If you want to be original, you have to learn how to source well. However, you also need to be able to adapt your own work and write your own, original content. It’s important that you be able to produce something that stands out without plagiarizing. This can be very difficult if you’re using someone else’s concepts out of necessity, such as when you’re paraphrasing or summarizing.

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Although originality is important, the sad fact is that cheating is incredibly best text paraphrasercommon. According to Plaguarism.org, one in three high school students have used the Internet to plagiarize. In another survey, 58% of students admitted to it. Do keep in mind that this is only the students who admitted to it. Although surveys were anonymous, it’s almost certain that some students were too ashamed of their cheating to admit to it, which is an understandable position to take. Students who plagiarize are usually desperate, rather than strictly dishonest, so they often regret their actions. Don’t let yourself become desperate enough to follow their footsteps. Or, if you’ve already fallen into temptation, give yourself the benefit of a fresh start and begin again.

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best text changer onlineDid you know that paraphrasing is crucial to writing an academic paper? Paraphrasing helps you make your point understood clearly without using the same words as the person who wrote your concepts. It can help you communicate a concept to your audience in new ways. It can even help you become more analytical! How? Well, paraphrasing involves breaking down the concepts inside of a piece of work and reframing them in new terms. It’s a deep restructuring of the important info in your article. But to do that, you have to pick and choose what’s important and what you should ignore. You have to grasp the ideas deeply enough to be able to decide what the core is. Learning this can help you become a more effective student in other areas.

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When you’re paraphrasing, it can sometimes be difficult to get it right. Here are some common difficulties you might face:

  • Not knowing what is common knowledge: You’re not required to cite common knowledge, but being able to tell what that is can be tricky.
  • Accidental copying: If you look at a piece while paraphrasing it, it’s very easy to get the patterns stuck in your mind and inadvertently echo them. This can lead to accidental plagiarism.
  • The difficulty with changing structure: Figuring out how best to change the structure of a piece is very tricky and may lead you to get tangled up in your sentences.
  • Difficulty finding new words: Locating synonyms is a tricky process. Although you might use a thesaurus, these aren’t always helpful because you might not know how to correctly use the words they present you with.
  • Confusion about how to cite: If you’re new to academic disciplines, you might not be sure how to cite or what to cite. It can sometimes be confusing to figure out what style to use and how to cite something unusual, like a blog post or Youtube video.

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best reworderIf you’re struggling with paraphrasing, we can help. We offer a variety of services, such as plagiarism check, rewriting, and summarizing, to help you with paraphrasing. No matter what type of paraphrasing assignment you’re working on, we can be sure that you get it right! If you’re worried about your ability to write it, just give us the source and we’ll give you a perfect piece that’s based on your text but isn’t a copy. If you’re concerned about accidental plagiarism, we’ll run our checker on your piece and let you know what needs to be changed, if anything. If you’re trying to summarize a source, we can help you with how to get started and how to get a finished piece. From the start to the end, we’ll be there.

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Who does this work? Well, that would be our team of writers and customer services professionals. Our writers are trained in the finest techniques to help you create a paraphrased piece that is in line with all your requirements. Our customer service people are there to answer any questions you might have and ensure that you’re satisfied. We work to ensure that you’re happy with what we’re doing for you, no matter what it is!

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